A time saving solution

All the huge accounting software eats away lot of time, come with lot of clutter, makes bookkeeping a monstrous job and all that a simple business never need or use.

And we are here to give you want you need. A simple, hassle free accounting software, Alpha Books.

Real time view of your finances

Alpha Books provides you real-time information about your finances thereby helping you to deal with issues immediately before they become problems. With Alpha Books Dashboard at any given time you can see exactly what's happening in our business.

You’ll have insight into where your finances stand at every milestone without the surprises.

Get Paid Faster

Invoice customers faster, get paid faster.

Unnecessary long delays in closing your project affects your cash flow. Reduce your project cycle by tracking your invoices and directly emailing the invoice to customers from Alpha Books.


Want to know who owes you and who you owe? With Alpha Books reports, keep track of your pending invoices, pending bills, your expenses by month, by categories, know what each project costs you, how much profit you made, or if you underquoted.

Everything at one place

It's easy to keep track of income, expenses, customers, invoices everything at one place.